The Council for Inclusive Education benefits from the significant contributions of its members. The Council for Inclusive Education’s annual awards recognize these significant contributions and outstanding achievements in support of public education in Alberta. Nominators must be regular ATA members and individuals ineligible for an ATA membership are also ineligible for CIE awards.

** The 2020/2021 CIE Awards have been postponed to 2022 due to challenges surrounding COVID-19. Please check back for an updated awards form in Fall 2021.  Any teachers who have retired or left the profession during this time period will still be eligible for awards.**



The Sharon Armstrong Early Years of Practice Award was established to honour Sharon Armstrong, former vice-president of the Alberta Teachers’ Association and long-time Provincial Executive Council liaison to the Council for Inclusive Education. This award recognizes a teacher in his or her early years of practice who demonstrates outstanding practice in support of students with diverse needs. The award consists of a certificate and $1,000 towards attendance at a CIE conference or event.

The nominee must be an Alberta resident and a member of the ATA Council for Inclusive Education and provide evidence of the following:


  • Be in the first five years of practice at the time of application

  • Outstanding practice in supporting students with exceptional and diverse needs

  • Commitment to ongoing professional development

  • Emerging leadership in inclusive education

  • Promotion of public and inclusive education

 Deadline April 25


This award recognizes a team who provides effective programming for students with exceptionalities. The award consists of $1000 and certificate and is provided to the school to support the continued implementation of the program.

The nominees must be Alberta residents and members of the ATA Council for Inclusive Education. The selection committee will review eligibility criteria, including evidence of the following:


  • Demonstrates outcomes or positive results of programming over time

  • Supports all students with a wide range of exceptionalities

  • Fosters the development of physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth

  • Fosters the holistic development of the whole child

  • Demonstrates a collaborative practice

  • Provides evidence of innovative and research-based practice(s).

 Deadline April 25


The Mac Kryzanowksi Award was established to honour Mac Kryzanowski, former President of The Alberta Teacher’s Association (ATA). This award recognizes long-term service, achievement and accomplishment in the field of special education. This award recognizes a teacher, teaching assistant or administrator who has demonstrated an outstanding professional contribution to the field of special education. The award consists of a certificate and recognition at the annual "Celebrating the Challenges" Council for Inclusive Education Conference. Expenses to attend the annual conference are included.

The nominee must be an Alberta resident and member of The ATA Council for Inclusive Education and demonstrates the following:


  • Supports students with exceptional needs that impact learning

  • Promotes public and inclusive education

  • Demonstrates innovative practices

  • Demonstrates evidence of collaboration

  • Demonstrates commitment to ongoing professional development

  • Involved in activities within the school and/or teaching profession

  • Displays leadership qualities in their role.

 Deadline April 25


The Lorraine Wilgosh Award was established to honour Dr. Wilgosh, professor of special education at the University of Alberta. The award recognizes an individual’s professional growth and contribution to the field of inclusive education. This award is for a graduate student enrolled in a post secondary institution whose research is directly related to the education of students with special needs. The award consists of a $1000 scholarship to support post graduate studies and a certificate.

The nominee must be an Alberta resident and member of The ATA Council for Inclusive Education and provide evidence of the following:


  • Name of a graduate student and the post secondary public institution in which they are enrolled

  • Relevance of work relating directly to assisting students to be successful learners

  • Future career goals related to working with students with special needs with the public education system

  • Present results of research for Council for Inclusive Education members or write an article describing your graduate work

 Deadline April 25