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Celebrating the Challenges

Partnering for Possibilities

OUR GIFT TO YOU, CELEBRATING THE CHALLENGES 2022, "Partnering for Possibilities"

A set of inspiring art cards created by artists who have collaboratively discovered how to inspire and teach to support all.

Thank you for all you do!

In “Partnering for Possibilities”, school and non-school supports collaborate as partners to work toward a shared vision for student’s learning. Partnerships can be structured in different ways and involve several partners, including schools themselves, physical and mental health services, artists, and other community resources. Transactional relationships tend to be exchange based and are most interested in satisfying immediate needs. Instead, partnering for possibilities for learning aims to create transformative relationships:  relationships that are mutually beneficial, go beyond self-interests to create larger meaning, and have a focus beyond practical needs. In transformational relationships, partnering works together to integrate and complement their services to support student’s learning. Through fostering these connections, partners can create webs of support in which the connections add up to more than the sum of their parts.

Council for Inclusive Education

Celebrating the Challenges 2022: Partnering for Possibilities


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Jace Autumn - Creative Arts Facilitator

I am a proudly queer, neurodivergent, multi-media artist, educator, and mental health advocate. I have been creating and delivering original arts-based programming in Mohkínstsis and surrounding area, for just over ten years! I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta University of the Arts and am currently working towards my master’s in counselling psychology

I create and teach art as a form of community care. I love bringing people together through conversation, collaboration, and storytelling. I have used art throughout my life to facilitate my own healing and am now able to help others do the same. 

My personal practice currently leans heavily on play, and explores themes like recovery, home, transness, and queer identity and of course my mom. Https://

Margo “HIPPY”

Certified Clinical Therapist of Nutritional Medicine and stroke and aneurysm survivor and “Hippy” artist!


After my mom's aneurysm, and stroke, we struggled to find things to do together that didn't grow tiresome or cost a lot of energy. We needed to find a new way to spend time together, use our brains, and flex our creative muscles. Because of the pandemic, there weren't many rehabilitation or recreation opportunities for my mom to participate in, for a long stretch of time. We have both always loved to create art, so this next adventure was a logical next step. 

We started out making beads, and bracelets. Then moved on to watercolour paintings, and large-scale abstract pieces. We are still just starting out but are looking forward to seeing where our collaborative art making journey takes us. 

Izzy Tonelli

I am Izzy Tonelli, an 18-year-old aspiring artist who has used art to get through some tough times and wants to use that to help other kids who may be going through the same when they are older. I plan on going to art school and becoming an art teacher to bring the joys of art to students. I am Izzy Tonelli, an aspiring artist whose plan is to go on to teach kids the joys of art. It has helped me through a lot, and I want to show that to kids who may need it too.

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