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About Us

We are a vibrant volunteer group of teachers, counsellors, instructional leaders, and administrators. Our work experience, education, and skill set is varied among us.. What we have in common, however, is the love of teaching students with diverse learning needs and supporting teachers in doing so confidently and competently.

Meet The Executive

Arlene Foley
Arlene Foley.jpg

Arlene has been an active member of the Council for Inclusive Education for many years serving as the regional president for the Northwest and is currently serving in her first year as the President of the council. Arlene has always been a passionate advocate for inclusive education and is committed to supporting teachers to embody an inclusive mindset.

Arlene has earned her graduate degree in Inclusive Education with a specialty in Universal Design for Learning and has worked for many years as a Learning Support Teacher. She is also in her last course for the Graduate Certificate in School Leadership and is currently working as a vice principal for the Grande Prairie Public School Division.

Arlene’s educational beliefs are highly influenced by her conviction that all members of a school community are unique, capable, and valuable. She believes that presuming competence creates a mindset that promotes equity and inclusion for everyone to reach their full potential. Arlene believes that providing a safe and caring environment where diversity is celebrated and valued, allows individuals to feel comfortable to take risks, share ideas, and bring their unique experiences to the school community.

Arlene remains committed to the council’s mission to provide educators with increased knowledge and understanding of students with diverse needs through professional development, communication, and policy.

Aurielie Smith
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With over 15 years of teaching experience in elementary schools, Aurelie demonstrates a profound dedication to the field of education. She loves to teach and learn. Aurelie began her career teaching in Montreal, Quebec. She then continued in Fort McMurray where she successfully taught French Immersion, assumed a divisional role as APPLE school facilitator, and currently serves as a Classroom Support Teacher in an administrative capacity. She is enthusiastic and passionate about teaching, leading and learning. 

Aurelie’s commitment to ensuring the support of all families and their children is evident in her work. She is deeply committed to empowering teachers to implement differentiated instruction and supports her team to achieve success. Aurelie actively participates in the CIE conferences and loves to bring back valuable insights and knowledge to benefit the Fort McMurray area.

Having completed her Master of Educational Leadership, Aurelie strives to inspire and empower others to be the best leaders they can be. Aurelie’s unwavering passion for inclusion and education is the driving force behind her work! 

Kelsey Bagnall

Kelsey Bagnall presently serves as the Learning Supports Specialist at Rocky View Schools. With a rich 16-year history of teaching experience spanning from Kindergarten to Grade 12, she holds a Master of Education degree in Special Education from the University of Alberta. Her areas of expertise and deep-seated interests encompass Inclusive Education, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Assistive Technology, Social Emotional Learning, Play-Based Learning and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.

Conference Director
Carol Knott

Carol’s current CIE role is co-conference director. She joined the council in 2006, working on the conference committee and later becoming the Edmonton Conference Director. Like other council members, she is passionate about inclusive education and providing professional development to teachers. Her favorite part of PD is seeing teachers light up when they find a new strategy to support their students. Carol’s career has been as an elementary teacher, district consultant and she currently works as a Junior High Counsellor.

Conference Director
Cathy Wiederick
Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 2.39_edited.jpg

Cathy is currently a school-based instructional coach at a Calgary Board of Education middle school. For many years prior, she supported gifted learners, first as a teacher and learning leader in two of the four GATE settings in the Calgary Board, then at the Board's system level as the specialist for gifted learners. Cathy believes deeply in the power of meeting each learner where they are in inclusion. She has very much enjoyed her recent role as co-Calgary Regional President which she has held since January of 2022. She is excited to now be sharing the Conference Chair position.

ATA District Representative

Jay Procktor

Jay Procktor has been a Division One teacher for the majority of his seventeen-year career with Edmonton Public Schools.  He is currently working with four elementary schools to develop an elementary to junior high transition program to enhance the support and success of vulnerable students.  Jay is one of the Alberta Teachers’ Association District Representative for Edmonton McMurray and he’s very pleased to be working with the Council for Inclusive Education.

President Elect
Jennifer Lacourse

Meet Jennifer, a passionate educator dedicated to transforming the educational experience for all students regardless of ability or behaviours. With the Council Jennifer is currently in the President Elect Role, she has been an active member of the council since 2018. With a fervent commitment to inclusion, Jennifer believes in the power of diversity, actively fostering an environment that celebrates differences and promotes a sense of belonging. Jennifer currently works with Red Deer Public Schools and collaborates seamlessly with parents, fellow educators, and support staff to ensure a holistic approach to her students' well-being, making her a driving force for positive change in both her classroom and the broader community. Through her infectious enthusiasm for inclusive education, Jennifer is not just a teacher; she is a catalyst for building a more compassionate and understanding society.

Janis Bekar

 Since 2005, Janis has been an integral part of the CIE family, contributing her passion and expertise to our mission. Janis values collaboration, research, ongoing learning, and the flexibility needed to foster environments of universal acceptance and belonging for all learners. As a learning support teacher with Canadian Rockies Public Schools, she is deeply committed to the principles of public education.

Past President/Journal Editor
Kelly Huck

Kelly is the Past president of the Council for Inclusive Education. Kelly has been working with the Council for several years and is the former editor of the councils’ newsletter, “Inside Inclusion.” Along with Nancy Grigg at the University of Lethbridge she co-founded the council’s first journal, “The Inclusive Educator Journal.” Kelly works as an assistant principal for Rocky View Schools and is a former learning support teacher. She is involved in inclusive education initiatives within her school district and teaches an online inclusive education course at the University of Lethbridge. Kelly is passionate about inclusion and providing inclusive professional development opportunities and strategies for teachers working collaboratively with our executive, ATA officers, and inclusive leaders across the province.

Hannah Jenkins
Hannah Bio Picture.jpg

After nearly 8 years immersed in the junior high life, Hannah brings a special passion for the middle grades to our team.  As a grade 8 Generalist teacher with the Grande Prairie Public School Division and a proud alum of the University of Alberta with a degree in Secondary Ed, she's truly an enthusiastic Jane of all trades!
Hannah's dedication to education goes beyond the classroom.  She speaks about Universal Design for Learning with unmatched fervor, coaches basketball with skill and heart, and is always eager to share her wealth of knowledge. 
When she's not shaping young minds or hitting the court, you can catch Hannah putting her Art Major to use through mesmerizing oil paintings of landscapes.  She also finds solace in the pages of rich fantasy novels and enjoys the thrill of video games, often shared with friends. 

Member at Large
Darci Fulton

Darci has been involved with the CIE since 2001 in  a number of different roles including a number of years as Calgary Regional President, Conference Director, and Newsletter Editor. Darci presently works as a Behaviour Mental Health Strategist to support schools, teachers and administrators with our most challenging students. Darci is one of the co-authors of BOATS (Behaviour Observation Assessment Teaching Strategies) document, Supporting Positive Behaviours in Alberta Schools, and To Behave or Not to Behave. She continues to honor the work and collaboration with the CIE Council to support Alberta Educators.

ATA Staff Officer
Gail Anne
Gail-Ann Wilson Mitchell W-W 2022.jpg

Gail-Ann Wilson Mitchell is an Executive Staff Officer, Professional Development. Before the professional development team at the Alberta Teachers' Association, Gail-Ann (she/her) taught high school social studies and worked as a cultural diversity educator for 22 years. She is committed to building leadership diversity and promoting change in education through pedagogies that dismantle systems of oppression and has led workshops on these topics for schools and universities across Canada. Gail-Ann is an award-winning journalist in the area of anti-Black racism in Alberta education. She received her Bachelor of Education degree and a Master of Arts in Communication from the University of Alberta.

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