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Celebrating the Challenges
Partnering for Possibilities

October 2022 Presentations

Thank you to the speakers who have kindly shared their presentations. These will be available for your viewing until October, 2023.

Trauma and Self Compassion

Presented by: Noella Piquette, Ph. D., Registered Psychologist

Changing the IPP/IEP Game

Presented by: Andrea Gutmann, Principal, BRSD

ADHD - Across a Lifespan

Presented by: Les Redick, M. Ed.

Art: The Brain's Best Friend

Presented by: Shelina Knight, M. Ed.

Authentic AAC

Presented by: Jasmine Travers, R. SLP and Joshua McLellan

The Science of Learning

Presented by: Dr. Chris Mattatall, University of Lethbridge

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